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Starting from October 2011, all of our releases will be 8-bit and 10-bit H.264. If you’re having trouble watching our releases, then make sure that you are using:

For 8-bit files:
Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (latest release here)
ffdshow-tryouts (latest revisions here)
Haali Splitter (latest release here)

For 10-bit files:
Install madVR renderer (latest release)
Configure MPC-HC as outlined in this guide..

We do not support CCCP, VLC, or any other shitty player or codec pack. We only officially support MPC-HC/ffdshow/madVR/Haali, so if you’re using something else and the videos don’t play, we can’t help you. If you are using the aforementioned software solution, then come over to our IRC channel or leave a comment here, and we will act as your technical support.

In addition, if you’re having trouble playing this on a hardware player (e.g. WDTV, OPlay, PBO, etc.), then please leave a comment here and we’ll see if we screwed up something in the release file. It’s happened before, and it could happen again in the future.

*Another post on playback and the pt. 2.


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  1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Umm… Guys VLC plays your releases better than MPC on my Acer Ferrari…

    1. Bro says:

      You’ll have to clarify what you mean by “better.” MPC has been, and always will be, superior to VLC simply due to the design philosophy behind it.

      1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

        Onee-san, VLC plays it smoother, there is no graining (MPC shaders – even if I disable them there is graining), if I dislike a certain font, I can change it with one button, and so on. MPC plays those anime better in which the OPs and the EDs are not in the same file… But you guys do them within the file, so it’s no problem with VLC…

        1. mmph says:

          Bro replies…
          Calls bro “big sister”

        2. Verix says:

          VLC only works “better” for you since it used a simplified renderer that is lacking in quality, but has better performance especially on laptoys. Secondly VLC used libass which performs better than standard vsfilter, but occasionally it fucks up on typesetting signs, so it isn’t the best, either. All in all: better performance, worse quality, worse scaling (madvr), worse subtitles (standard vsfilter, xy-vsfilter works at the same speed as libass but handles typesetting without bugs).

  2. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Bro, I found trouble with VLC, xP, I take back those comments.
    And I’ll recommend K-Lite Codec Pack always. Hmm.

    1. noob says:

      LOL……………………… would you stop complaining for a second?

      1. goodernub says:

        Sir, in what universe is that considered complaining?

        1. Deep_Thrusting_Ember says:


  3. reckless says:

    You guys should post up some info on playing your files on a Mac. So people new to Macs can actually play your files and don’t have to resort to trying VLC.

    Personally I recommend either MPlayer OSX Extended

    Or for super easy mode…. MPlayerX is available from the new Mac Store and has yet to give me any problems.

    1. Steve Jobs says:

      Suggestion : Get a PC. HAW HAW!

      1. Ferrelas says:

        Macs are PC:s you idiot.

    2. asoksevil says:

      MPlayer OSX Extended development stopped long time ago (original developer).

      Here you’ll find an updated version of MPlayer OSX Extended with many bug fixes, H10p support, Ordered Chapters support:


      1. asoksevil says:

        WTF? Miss spelled the address.

  4. Van says:

    I’m currently experiencing video/audio sync issues while trying to playback the first episode of Denpa Onna no Seishun Otoko. They start right before the opening theme, and for some strange reason seem to be isolated to only that episode. (Did you guys do anything differently while encoding this one that you didn’t with the others?) I was using the CCCP codec pack up to today but quickly decided to switch to the standalone versions of Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, FFDshow and Haali Media Splitter soon after noticing the problem (and also since the latest version of CCCP is about seven months old now). However, this didn’t solve the problem at all. Please help me rectify this, as the plethora of settings available to me for tweaking are just making my head spin.

    1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

      Uninstall every codec, standalone codecs and stuff.
      Go to this site: ** and download whichever pack you like.
      Just do a default install, and then play with MPC-HC.

  5. Perfect says:

    Windows Media Player with Shark007’s Win7Codec is the best.

  6. derp says:

    just use Potplayer. no extra codec packs needed, just open your anime file and enjoy 🙂

    1. another derp says:

      I use it too, never had any problems

  7. sandoe41 says:

    Nyaa torrents has a webpage with step by step instructions for MPC with Haali Splitter and madVR.

  8. MasterMeNL says:

    FFDshow now also supports 10-bit (the tryouts), so madVR isn’t needed.

  9. Ferrelas says:

    I’m on haiku, how do I play the 10.bit releases?

  10. gorankx says:

    CoreAVC + KMP player – and it works perfectly
    only one flaw is that KMP doesn’t supports 10 bit, at least not yet.

    1. Kinoko says:

      You can use KMPlayer for 10-bit files just fine. On its default settings, it will use the internal codecs it has if at all possible. You can change the settings in Preferences–>Filter Control–>Decoder Usage. Select “Only use if it fails to play with system default.”

      Of course this means you have to install codecs that will work with 10-bit. Despite what they say, I would recommend using CCCP unless it gives you trouble for some reason, or unless you really know what you’re doing.

  11. Shandris says:

    I’m watching your releases in VLC and didn’t have any problems yet so far.

  12. Tsurugi says:

    HI, guys is there a way to play ur releases perfectly including 10-bit & can play any video like MPC-HC on ipad?

  13. Deadly11 says:

    Actually guys, a tip for everyone&for site owners, try K-lite codec pack, it supports x32 and x64 windows, better to download the Mega pack, it has every single thing you need, and you can even play .rm, .rmvb, .flv, and all the other stuff that aren’t normally supported by WMP and MPC. Honestly I use WMP cuz MPC causes somewhat a terrible lag. VLC is honestly quite shitty, WMP all the way! At least WMP 12 has decent design/theme, and my HP laptop’s touch-buttons at the top (backwards, pause/play, forward, stop, mute, volume down>>>up)work on it but don’t on VLC and MPC. So yeah, WMP ftw. K-lite codec pack has Haali and a lot of other cool stuff, check it out @GotWoot admins

    1. janice says:

      No. Nobody should ever install K-Lite.

  14. RDF2050 says:

    Thanks guys for link me to the tutorial. I really love this new combination instead of the CCCP pack I was using.

  15. Verix says:

    Excuse me but I’ve seen MadVR as a “must” for 10-bit files on various tutorials, now. As far as I know, 10-bit only needs a compatible decoder such as LAV Video. Telling people with shitty computers to use MadVR will only make them rage, while it isn’t necessary, only a plus.

    1. derping says:

      If they found a good guide, they’d use EVR-CP to render, or if their computer is really shitty, Haali or something.

  16. Vanguard says:

    just use this portable smplayer2 it plays 8bit and 10bit H.264

    1.unzip the files on your c:

    2. look for the smplayer.exe

    3. make a shortcut on it, in your desktop.

    4. open the player.

    5. drag and drop to play or

    6. activate the file association for ease of use.


  17. Justin Sather says:

    When someone writes an piece of writing he/she keeps the idea
    of a user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it.

    So that’s why this post is amazing. Thanks!

  18. Nomi says:

    INSTALL KCP! Best choice. It’ll install and configure all the softwares mentioned in the above post automtically. No hassle..

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