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  1. NaruSaku_fan says:

    NUUUU you cant keep it a secret like a girl’s 3 sizes!

  2. ElFuerte says:

    Of course they can. It’s just one of those things we have to accept in life.

  3. ninjasheep says:

    i’d love to at least get an image of them though 0.o
    e.g. which anime they like, what type of bread they prefer, whether they love cats or not, etc… just random [impersonal] stuff
    *strains ears to check if anyone’s listening*

    1. sapphire says:

      My out of date ANN + wheat + love cats

    2. AnimeGio says:
      + baseball + Italian food

    3. Arzu says:

      I do occasional editing and try to do more than occasional QCing when not impeded by real life events like homework and such. I’m one of the few in the group who actually originates from Gotwoot forums and isn’t a transplant. I hadn’t done any fansubbing before this, but I have a Masters degree in Linguistics which has to count for something at least, and this is the only place where I seem to be putting that degree to use at the moment. I may not be the most active member of the group, but I guarantee I’ll never abandon ship or go running off to another group.

      Love cats, bake my own bread (I like to experiment with different kinds), and like to knit while playing MMORPGs.

    4. Bro says:

      Arzu inspired me to write a detailed post, instead of the two skin-and-bones replies above hers.

      I’m actually the longest-serving GotWoot forum member in this group. I got into fansubbing in mid-2009 as an editor for SFW, and subsequently became a timer and an encoder as duty called. As time went on, SFW gradually fizzled out, and that’s when I, along with a few other people from the forum, formed the GotWoot fansub group.

      I like:
      – basketball
      – Kampfer
      – KFC Double Down

      I dislike:
      – shitsubs
      – the current state of Naruto manga
      – olives

      1. J says:

        Really, really appreciate all that GotWoot does. Especially Shouwa Monagatari. Was afraid nobody would do it since it was different. Do you have a tip jar?

        1. sapphire says:

          We don’t take donations, but thanks for your thanks!

      2. Decimo says:

        +1 on the dislike olives part.
        Can’t stand them -.-

        1. orangeblo0dz23 says:

          … Well olives dislike you!

  4. EienShouko says:
    + awesome + ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    1. sapphire says:

      Everyone has MAL now~ How I export?

      “I hate 90% of the shows I work on.” <-- so funny!

  5. Seboo says:

    Kicked beacuse of a comment!

    1. Dark_Sage says:


  6. Nyara♥ says:

    We need to go deeper, I say!

  7. Erem says:

    lol what was the point of the page if u keep it all secret 😛

    1. Bro says:

      That’s a secret too.

  8. U.N. Owen says:

    Lolwhat— I think you should at least list their names so I won’t be confused when I need to find which one is the admin and which one is not, especially in IRC, lol.

  9. djmasturbeat says:

    can i get someone to please rehost the Souten Kouro signs/fonts/scripts pack?
    all links posted are dead or won’t work from my ISP location (US)


    1. janice says:

      youll have to google the fonts

  10. FirstCheri says:

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