Note: We are no longer recruiting. Love ya!


Here’s a description of jobs!

Translator – We could always use more translators. No experience is required as long as you can translate Japanese into English.

Timer – While we encourage newbies to apply for timer, we do expect that you have some basic idea of timing principles just from watching fansubs.

Editor – All you need are strong English skills. How strong is “strong”? Take our editing test and find out. We’re not looking for an English major, but we do expect that you possess enough ability to distinguish good English from bad English. See this page for an example of bad English.

Typesetter – We prefer ASS typesetting, but AFX is welcome too. You need to have some artistic ability as well as a meticulous attention to detail. While we don’t want to discourage complete newbies from applying for typesetting, this position does have a rather steep learning curve, and it’s probably not the best place to start if you’re looking to get into fansubbing for the first time.

Quality Checker – You need a sharp eye. Find spelling, grammar, and timing errors.  Check for consistency throughout the script and between the script/typesetting if necessary.  Also be able to suggest improvements for awkward lines.

Encoder – Last but not least, the encoder… You don’t need fansubbing experience for this, but you do need to know how to work with videos (raws or transport streams, whatever we get), and you do need to know how to use the basic tools of the trade. We only work with H.264, so that makes your life a little easier since we don’t deal with the XviD bullshit. Oh, another obvious requirement: you need a fast CPU. If you’re not sure if it’s fast enough, then you’re not qualified for this position.

If you’re interested joining us and being a DEDICATED member, then come to our recruitment room: #gotlimbo@Rizon – and idle in there.

Note: If you want to encode, msg Justaway directly (you can usually find him in #gotwoot if he’s not in #gotlimbo).

Be advised: all applicants are required to pass a rigorous background check before becoming members of GotWoot.