Nana to Kaoru Live Action Movie

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Hey, pervs! You-know-who is back for more innocent S&M fun!

She doesn’t like it, but that’s why she likes it!

If you’d prefer your subs to say “breathers” (as it is in the scanlation) rather than “release/release session,” then here is a second script just for you.



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  1. manz says:

    Kitaa!!! ~(‘-‘~) (~’-‘)~
    Thank you very much!

    1. manz says:

      FS DDL : http://www.fileserve.com/file/rtWHjdS

  2. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Umm… Is it Gotwoot? subbed?
    Wait – is this a live action movie out of that bondage hentai you guys subbed in SD? The one with that kid with a face like a frog and this girl???

    1. janice says:


      and that isn’t hentai, it’s ecchi.

      1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

        Oh sorry.

  3. Crybaby says:

    Deadman where ;__;?

    1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

      They have problems. :'(

  4. Deftera says:

    Moar Nana to Kaoru? Live action? Sweetness.

  5. anon says:

    NtK Manga (plus Arashi)>>>>>Koe de Oshigoto>NtK OVA>NtK LA>>>>>Onii-chan no Koto

  6. narrusg says:

    I wonder why I prefer this live action version to the anime version…
    Guess that frog face guy really creeps me out…

  7. rustingkir says:

    Wow great job, finally i found the Nana to Kaoru Live Action Movie subs.
    May i made a request?
    Could you make “Oh! Invisible man / Oh! Toumei Ningen”. Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1702436/

    Thanks Before.

  8. wolfkin_1 says:

    loved the OVA guys, and am currently enjoying the Live Action. I have to say though, as a fan of the manga, that although the actress playing Nana has the personality down she doesn’t have the body for the role. It’s a shame that the people casting the movie apparently didn’t refer to the manga about the appearance of the characters, Assuming there is another OVA episode, i hope you guys can do the subs for it, since your subs have been great in both the OVA & LA. And thanks for all the hard work.

  9. Kaze says:

    Will you do the second live action? Chapter 81 announced (it’s on the cover) that DVD/BD are out… So I was wondering if you -pleasepleaseplease- are going to do it… (*_*)

    1. sapphire says:


      1. Kaze says:

        If I had a link I would watch it raw (-_^)

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