In case you haven’t noticed (you have), GW has been slower than usual lately. Β Unfortunately, none of the leaders (including myself) have much time to dedicate to fansubbing anymore. Such is life!

We plan to finish the last few episodes of our remaining series (Jigoku Youchien, Magi, Yahari), as well as batch whatever needs batching whenever we can. We’re not saying we’re gone forever, but as of yet, we don’t plan to pick up any new series after we finish this stuff. In other words, we’re going on an indefinite hiatus after this. The staff might want to pick up some specials/movies every so often, though! Feel free to comment about that here if you have ideas.

It’s been fun, guys. Especially doing the old forgotten series. Love ya!


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  1. stgmefly says:

    Today is a sad night

  2. KaRaSu says:

    Sad indeed. Good luck on everything you guys doing.


  3. c0w says:

    Another fansub groups bites the dust. It seems crunchyroll has finally achieved what the anime industry has been trying to do for years: make fansubbers obsolete. I think this is like the 5th group in the last year to fold up.

    1. stgmefly says:

      Is Crunchy mentioned in this post??

    2. Corbyn says:

      Crunchyroll had nothing to do with this.

    3. Someone says:

      Cr has been driving people away from the anime more than gathering, its trying to turn anime industry in privileged group by using and abusing of copyright laws, what happened after Cr and their “original” anime distribution appeared is show to the world that fansubbers are much better than them, for every group that disappeared in the shadows another two were born in the place. the seeds that gotwoot left will blow and create excellence fansubbing groups.
      Fansubbing, scanlating and fan translations in a general are piracy, and piracy is an ideal, and ideals are eternal.

    4. meleg says:

      Then good. You SHOULD be supporting the anime industry anyway, you cheapfucks.

      1. sapphire says:

        YFW you talk to CR and Funi staff at a con and you discover they watch fansubs/are ex-fansubbers too.


  4. akpends says:

    Love ya more!

    Sad day indeed. Let’s hope that you are at least enjoying whatever it is that’s keeping you away from fansubbing.

    Now, I don’t want to sound like an inconsiderate prick but when you mention “batch whatever needs batching whenever we can”, do you think there’s still hope for us poor souls to see the UTWoots SAO BDs you mentioned some time ago?

    Thanks for your hard work all these years. As far as I’m concerned, it was very much appreciated.

    1. sapphire says:

      Hi hi,

      According to Raze’s post, it’s unlikely the SAO team will be doing BDs. That isn’t to say a third party won’t use our script!

      Thanks for the well wishes. This isn’t a good bye! Just a ‘see ya later’. πŸ™‚

  5. A-Kun says:

    You gotta do what you gotta do, thanks for the update πŸ™‚

  6. David says:


    Sad to see another active group go to sleep mode ;(

  7. AndRox22 says:

    Damn…… It has been fun guys… I hope you all are off to much greener pastures…

    1. sapphire says:

      <3 u

  8. Rewston says:

    Sad news :/
    But good luck in life too everyone of GotWoot πŸ˜€

  9. fro says:

    It was a fun ride.

    Hope you will gather from time to time to make some rare stuff for us leechers.

    Thank you and good luck!

  10. Beckett says:

    Argh, there are so few fansub groups already that are actually competent that every time a group like this folds it up it’s a real blow. I understand your reasons but man I’m not looking forward to the day when Commie is the only reasonable choice for every show.

    1. uxb says:

      “I’m not looking forward to the day when Commie is the only reasonable choice”

      If we get to the stage of calling Commie’s over-localized crap “reasonable” then I’ll finally stop watching anime.

      Thanks for all your great work so far guys, hope you do still come back out of hibernation once in a while.

  11. raye says:

    sad to read this.. have enjoyed your subbing by far. thanks a bunch!

    all the best and, hope to see you guys active again soon! xD

  12. Mazohyst says:

    From the bottom of my fucking heart, thanks to all of you, I shed a tear because I love your subs so much. Y’all will be missed and good luck in your AFK lives and thanks for all your time.

    1. sapphire says:

      Awwww!!! <3 u!

  13. Azzazel-san says:

    sad news. πŸ™
    thanks for all your hardwork and “O ai shimashou.”

  14. Fuji says:

    Figured as much this would happen.. Wish you guys where not going on Hiatus =/ Thanks for all your hardwork oover the years. Now for the challenge.. Finding a new Sub grp with the quality you guys put out over the years… Ah hell. Who am i kidding.. That wont happen πŸ˜›

    Looking forward to seeing you guys come back in the years. Best of luck to ya all.

  15. tyl says:

    Are you guys doing the Mirai Nikki OVA by any chance?

    1. sapphire says:

      Probably not. πŸ™

  16. crimso says:

    Ah crap! I’m going to miss your subs.

  17. Havok says:

    Just getting the Mirai Nikki: Redial OVA would mean the world to me, your karaoke for the OP/ED were outstanding for the series.

    Other than that, good luck with your RL’s, best wishes.

  18. ouxhi says:

    I’m assuming this was answered somewhere else but I couldn’t find it, so I figured I’d try asking my question here. Have the plans to do the Dakara BD’s been scrapped? http://www.gotwoot-subs.net/sparkling-boobies-11/

    1. sapphire says:

      Yes. πŸ™

      Other groups are free to use our scripts, though!

  19. DT says:

    will you be subbing Mirai Nikki Redial OVA
    DVD ISO is released πŸ™‚

    1. Kirito118 says:

      “Probably not. :(”

      Seems unlikely

  20. meleg says:

    And not a single fuck was given that day.
    Based FUNimation > your shit group.

    1. sapphire says:

      Our Engrish neckbeard power levels just weren’t high enough for u?!


  21. Korokun says:

    As long as there anime to be subbed I’m sure you’ll rise like a phoenix once more but for now enjoy your rest.

  22. brokensaint058 says:

    I enjoyed every release (except Gyo, yeah) you guys created with great inspiration and hope. More groups should take example of your quality and creativity! You will be missed dearly and until then, sayonara.

  23. V says:

    Where’s the batch for Magi btw?

    1. Corbyn says:

      I haven’t been able to put as much time aside for it as I wanted to. I’ll have more time to work on it after the semester’s over.

  24. Anime Feed says:

    Thanks, Good Work πŸ™‚

  25. DeadlyOats says:

    I haven’t visited any anime fansub groups in a very, very long time. I finally got around to watching Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, and at the end it says to visit the website for the translaters notes. I came here, to find your announcement for semi retirement. *sigh* It’s sad to see the end of an era, but, as you say, Life goes on. I hope all is well with you all.

    Good luck to you all, and have a lot of fun!

    PS: It seems the links for the translater’s notes are gone, but it does not take away from the fun I have watching the shows you subbed.

  26. Noize says:

    Please finish yahari so that I can properly archive it. I’m not fond of how fff handled it

  27. techguru says:

    it would have been nice if you guys did magi season 2 BD’s…maybe do a tlc and edit of someones elses scripts…
    its nice to have 1 groups fully do a show ..plus gotwoot is one of the better groups

  28. Sparky Kestrel says:

    Are you going to finish Yahari?

  29. convexity says:


  30. Leo says:

    The end of an era.

  31. Ren says:


  32. Collin says:

    Hey guys I just wanted to say your subs are the best! I recently compared the bd version of Mirrai Nikki subs and your Mirrai Nikki subs. And wow! You guys did a better job than the official translator! The official subs had so many clunky expressions and used so much passive voicing, where as your script was simple, to the point and slick. Your subs is probably the main reason why I loved Mirai Nikki as much I did!

    Anyways GL on your future endeavors and if you guys ever do more fansubs in the future I’ll be sure to follow you guys religiously.

  33. anon says:

    ded subs

  34. trufan says:

    Seriously, your subs are incredible. I’ so disappointed that no one is using your script for Mirai Nikki uncensored version. coalgirls started but dropped te project for some reason =/ If there were to be one final little project I think that doing that would be amazing! *hint* *hint* *wink*

    1. convexity says:

      /msg KmE mirai nikki bds where?

      Try that when he’s on!

  35. Jonn McNally says:

    I will send you $10 paypal if you sub this: http://bakabt.me/148337-joe-hisaishi-in-budokan-studio-ghibli-25-years-concert-bluray-720p-live.html

    E-mail me if you guys can fulfill this request.

    1. janice says:


  36. UBDED says:

    U B DED

  37. RR says:

    I just finished watching “House of Five Leaves.” Thank you for subbing it. It was beautiful. I am so glad I was able to watch it. Thank you.

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