1. Do you guys ever release standard definition (SD) videos?
If the source is not SD, then we don’t release SD. We don’t do simultaneous HD+SD like a lot of other groups. All requests for SD will be denied if we didn’t release SD to begin with.

2. Why do you guys hardsub all the signs? I want a clean video as an option.
We hardsub the signs in typeset heavy shows because a) we don’t want to risk packaging in 10 MB font files, and b) we may have signs that lag or don’t play properly on some people’s computers. Hardsubbing is a fail-safe measure for typesetting. If you want a clean video, then go download a raw. Don’t download our release. We’re a fansub group, not a raw provider.

3. Why are your releases much smaller than typical HD releases out there?
Because other groups put out excessively large files to trick you into thinking that they are of superior quality. The releases you see here are how big files should be.

4. Why are some of your 10-bit releases bigger than the 8-bit?
We want to take advantage of the extra quality 10-bit provides rather than creating the same quality of the 8-bit release with a smaller file size.

5. Do you guys use honorifics in the dialogue?
Uzumaki Naruto-kun will always be Uzumaki Naruto-kun. Always. I will commit seppuku on Ustream if you find an instance in our scripts where that is not the case.

6. I want you guys to sub show X. How do I get you to do that?
Ask us.

7. I found an error in your release. Would you like to hear about it?
Yes, please! We’re always striving to improve our quality whichever way possible. We’re not egotistic assholes like a lot of other fansubbers who turn away complaints. If we did something wrong, or if you think we can improve on something, then let us know! Opinions are always welcome. We learn from our mistakes, not ignore them.

8. “GotWoot” has been around for a long time. Are you guys related to AnimeOne?
This is a common misconception, and I will attempt to dispel the mystery once and for all right now. We are not affiliated with AonE in any way, and none of our members are from AonE. The GotWoot group, in its current incarnation, was founded in April 2010 by Sapphire, Bro, Arzu and Spiegel, who were all long-time members of the GotWoot (website) forum. We picked “GotWoot” as our name because a) we were all from the GotWoot forum, and b) the site admin let us use www.gotwoot.net as our homepage. It got confusing for people because AonE continues to host their torrents on the GotWoot tracker, as they’ve done so for many years.

9. How do I join your group?
Go read the recruitment page, then come to IRC and talk to a staff member. We accept everyone from complete newbies to seasoned veterans.

10. Can we rip your scripts for BD re-encodes, etc.?
Yes.Β  If you need our typesetting, which may be hardsubbed, ask on IRC.

11. What is the difference in GotSpeed and GotWoot?
As the name suggests, GotSpeed is our speedsub release.Β  GotSpeed is released only in 8-bit (10-bit for Nazo no Kanojo X) with minimal QC in order to get the episode to you as fast as possible.Β  The main GotWoot version is released with a better quality encode in 10-bit, is properly edited, translation checked, and QC’d, and all signs are hardsubbed.

12. Where is episode X of Y series?
We’re obviously working on it. Bothering us obviously won’t make you get it any faster. Stop asking us.


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  1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you).
    Hey guys, I hope that you are okay. XD
    Well it’s awkward to say but I have a request for you, please sub any of these anime: Death Note, Code Geass (R1 & R2) and Baccano!
    I know that these have already been subbed but most of the subbers did not do good quality translation… You people have been my favourite sub group for the past four years and it’s sad to see you people subbing shows which are so much down in the rankings…
    Death Note is in no good format, the best qualities are raw. :'(
    Code Geass is in 720p but the translations stinked… I tried ThorAnime, Eclipse and others but they don’t seem to know simple subject-verb agreement.
    Baccano! is a great show, but I couldn’t find good subs or quality…
    Pretty please Gotwoot?-oneesan, sub these shows. :'(
    Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you).

    1. Bro says:

      We’ve only been around for one year.

      And no, we will not sub those shows. They all have very watchable releases.

      1. Minchia says:


  2. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Onee-san, I have seen gotwoot address on every Naruto episode, and the website was active even the… But I believe you.
    Anyway, can you please tell me where I can find watchable releases…

    1. sapphire says:

      That website was used by AnimeOne fansubs back then.

      1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

        Arigatou! =)
        Shikashi Oneesaan, can you tell me the site for watchable Baccano!? xD

        1. sapphire says:

          Pick one of these?

          The one by Ayu-Anime looks the most healthy.

          Go to Nyaa.eu first every time you search for anime, and you’ll never have to ask random online people again. I don’t recommend streaming. Usually batches are on Baka-bt. Fansub comparisons for the newer series are on Ji-hi. I do not recommend streaming, ever.

          There’s also ANIDB and MAL for ratings on groups…. Though their helpfullness is debatable.

  3. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Arigatou, oneechan!!
    Really, you people are real nice guys! Taka fansubs literally talked to me as if I were a piece of garbage. x@
    Well I couldn’t let them get away with it. They cant block my email id! B)
    Anyway, thanx. I found Arigatou Death Note too. Thank you guys!

    1. sapphire says:

      Thanks for watching us.

  4. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Hey guys.
    I was wondering why don’t you have a contact page.

    1. Bro says:

      You contact us by posting here.

      1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

        But then won’t this page become longer and longer, na Bro?

        1. Bro says:

          It’s not a problem.

    2. janice says:

      You can always contact us on IRC.

  5. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Well, I wanted some help…
    How to make your softsubs hardsubs? I wanted to watch HoFL on my iPhone, so I used Any Video Converter, but the subs never reached the cell phone… =(
    Can you guys give some suggestions, I tried different converters but that didn’t work…

    1. sapphire says:

      No idea, sorry. Find an encoder?

  6. Zalis says:

    Just wanted to say, I’m glad you guys do hardsubbed karaoke and signs. 720p with hardsubbed kara/signs is much easier to play on aging/ancient hardware, compared to 720p with full softsubs. As long as you do things that way, there’s not that much need for SD alternative releases.

    1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

      Yeah, Hmm, however in HoFL when I chose my default fonts the name of the ep would vanish, Hmm. That didnt happen in OA, I think.

  7. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Umm, where are the AonE torrents on the Gotwoot tracker, I wanted to download Naruto OVAs, Hmm. The older site is not working.

    1. sapphire says:

      Dunno. We’re unrelated to AonE. Check #animeone on Rizon.

  8. saiyame says:

    hi πŸ™‚

    is it okay for you to continue subbing the remaining episodes of daa daa daa. ?
    69 to 78 aren’t subbed yet and AonE had stopped subbing it till ep. 63 and some good people had continue subbing it until ep. 68 ( the fansubs were not as good as AonE releases since those people had worked alone but better have it subbed than never)

    still i’m rooting for some people to have it subbed, i’m not speaking for myself but also for all those people who had been waiting with me for years now. (you could check youtube and see for yourself how fans patiently waits for the subbed episodes.)

    i hope you could consider my request. All the best to the team , and i’ve been loving your releases for some time already πŸ˜‰

    1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

      Gotwoot? is a separate subbing group from AonE so if AonE dropped a show Gotwoot? might not pick it, but they might. However they are picking new shows for now, Hmm. πŸ˜€

      1. sapphire says:

        I thought that show was completely subbed?

        1. saiyame says:

          sorry to say bit it wasn’t episode 63 was the last episode ever released with english subs the rest were from really good fans . they 64 to 68 but they too stopped subbing the rest of the episodes.

          1. s says:

            Read: “Gotwoot is a separate subbing group from AonE”. I doubt inquiring here about AonE projects will help.

            >some good people had continue subbing it until ep. 68 ( the fansubs were not as good as AonE releases
            Actually, AonE_Frostii releases are at least as good as, if not much better than, old AonE releases.

            1. saiyame says:

              well , what i mean to say is the one man fan subs which is easier to find in youtube than to donwload the large 300 to 400 mb file size being released by AonE-frostii.

  9. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Hey guys, I noticed Bro hasn’t posted from sometime, is he still in the group? πŸ™

    1. sapphire says:

      He’s on vacation.

  10. saiyame says:

    sorry to say bit it wasn’t πŸ™ episode 63 was the last episode ever released with english subs the rest were from really good fans . they 64 to 68 but they too stopped subbing the rest of the episodes. πŸ™

    1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

      Start watching some other anime then… =P

  11. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

    Umm… will you guys do Deadman Wonderland BD too when they come out???

    1. sapphire says:


      1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

        But it wont be censored. =S =”(

        1. sapphire says:

          Someone else can use our script. If they’re smart, they will.

          1. Glens Nicholas says:

            Unfortunately , no one is smart enough to use your sub .. I’m a sad panda :”( every bd release use HS / Ruri ..

  12. Uzair says:

    FOUND IT!!!

    Quote: “4. Do you guys use honorifics in the dialogue?
    Uzumaki Naruto-kun will always be Uzumaki Naruto-kun. Always. I will commit seppuku on Ustream if you find an instance in our scripts where that is not the case.”

    House of Five Leaves 06 19:05 Okinu-chan was subbed Okinu. So typed the FAQ entry and is going to commit seppuku on Ustream? πŸ˜›

    1. Uzair says:

      *whoever typed

  13. Ponyomegumi says:

    I found interesting movie based from the manga, the title is The Kabocha Wine – Another (2007). I wish you could make english sub for it. πŸ™‚
    Here is the movie http://www.mediafire.com/?4y8dx66s4yvtb
    The pass: http://www.vnsharing.net


    1. sapphire says:

      Hmm. Remind us when we have another “what should we fansub?” post.

  14. anon says:

    Why fileserve for the DDLs?

    1. Bro says:

      Because I only have a Fileserve account, and anime these days tend to be hosted on Fileserve as opposed to the numerous other services.

  15. Ghost says:

    what kind of posts are there in the teams which release the anime?

    1. sapphire says:


  16. Tim says:

    You ningen are awesome!! Mirai Nikki is awesome!
    Also, I have a question. How do I encode 10-bit video? I use Xvid4PSP 5 to hardsub anime to watch it on my portable dvd player, but with 10-bit video it doesn’t show up, it’s just a gray screen (audio works though). What program (or what actions) do you recommend I use?

    1. Uzair Hassan Khan says:

      Handbrake. πŸ™‚

    2. sapphire says:

      Try asking in the support section of the forums.

  17. No Name says:

    Hi… I want to translate Mirai Nikki to other language, can I use your timing? (:

    1. sapphire says:

      Sure. Just rip the script using MKV extract. We usually upload the script somewhere during the batch, at the end of the releases.

  18. Marow says:


    I’m currently writing some posts on my blog about fansubbing and my final post will feature a couple of fansub groups answering the following question:

    “Why do you fansub?”.

    It would be very fun if you wanted to participate! In that case, just send you answer to my mail. The length of the answer doesn’t matter, so if you want to write something huge, or short, go ahead! If you wish to be anonymous, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. sapphire says:

      Stop by #gotwoot on Rizon, there will be some staff willing to answer.

  19. Samurai Jack says:

    Hey GotSpeed! Just wanted to say that you’ve become my favorite subgroup after watching Mirai Nikki, and I’m definitely interested in watching your other anime projects, both complete and ongoing.

    I was wondering if you had any plans to sub any of the Spring series yet.
    There’s two series in particular I would love to see subbed from your group, if you’re interested in them. Those two being Jormungand and Nazo no Kanojo X.
    If you have no interest in subbing them, then that’s fine.

    Thanks for your speedy releases for Mirai Nikki and I look forward to your future projects!

    1. sapphire says:

      No plans yet. We’ll get back to you.

  20. Samurai Jack says:

    I was wondering if you could post any DDL links for the first two episodes of Showa Monogatari? Thanks in advance.

    1. convexity says:


  21. Diane Buol says:

    This site would not show up appropriately on a Samsung Galaxy – you will probably wanna try to repair the problem.

    1. thecowgoesmoo says:

      Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy W, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Ace, or Galaxy Player 4, 4.2, 5, or 50? Or do you mean a tablet, in which case you have Galaxy Tab, Tab 7.7, Tab 8.9, Tab 10.1,Tab 10.1N, Tab 7.0 Plus, Tab 2 7.0, or Tab 2 10.1? What version of Android are you running? Are you using the stock browser, Chrome Beta, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, or something else?

      We’re going to need more information.

  22. Samurai Jack says:

    I’ve tried searching almost every anime site I know, which is about 14-16 different sites, and various different internet searches, but I’m finding it almost impossible to download House of Five Leaves.

    I’d prefer to watch it with GotWoot subs, but if you can, could you please link me to a site where I can download the series, without torrents? I don’t care what format it’s in, but preferably avi, mkv, mp4, or rmvb.

    Thank you very much if you can help me! If you can’t help me, that’s fine. Thanks for reading my message.

    1. convexity says:

      You can find them on our XDCC bot.

      1. Samurai Jack says:

        I’ve never used XDCC bots before… I’m not sure how it works.

        1. convexity says:


          Our channel is #gotwoot on irc.rizon.net.

  23. Zareth says:

    Hey guys. I just wanted to ask you why is it that I can’t get into your IRC channel. Apparently I’m banned from it, but I don’t know why is that. I barely have gone into it a few times, and in every of them I didn’t even say a word; just looked around.

    Or if there was actually a reason, could please tell what is it that I might have done wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. convexity says:

      Probably just a messed-up ban.
      PM me when you get on, and I’ll remove the ban affecting you.

      1. Zareth says:

        Got it. Thanks a lot.

  24. MeganeSuki says:

    Here’s one you might not have been asked: Can you keep a script repository? Seeing as you don’t plan on releasing BDs and seeing as some of us are horny pervs who wanna see shit uncensored, maybe we can DL the BD rips and mux your script? It’s too much of a pain to download the entire release, seeing as I in particular live in a third world country for the internet (that’s right, download caps T_T ) Be real nice if you did ^_^

  25. Hollow says:

    When you say new releases won’t have hardsubbed signs, will that include SAO? Or is it all series from now on?

    1. janice says:

      We aren’t hardsubbing anymore.

      1. sapphire says:

        We aren’t hardsubbing right now. We’re not going as far as to say never again.

  26. -X-Mazohyst-X- says:

    Can y’all sub the live action Samurai X movie? I keep finding raws of it but no subs. Much obliged.

  27. zach8012 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your release of Souten Kouro. Easily one of my favorite animes ever. Is there any way I could talk you into doing Saikyou Bushou-den Sangoku Engi? Commie dropped it after the first episode. I’m not sure if raws are available or not.


  28. welsh902 says:

    hey guys,can you sub Tales of Symphonia?thanks before and best regards

  29. Glauco says:

    Hi, i would like to know if you guys could re-seed souten kouro, because i was looking forward to finally watch it all, but the torrent is dead . =(

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